ABL Facility

ABL Facility has a comprehensive facility management model or Facility Manager that is responsible for managing its basic operational services to keep real estate operating at peak performance.


Thanks to our unique approach, we will transform your facilities and create extraordinary work environments that maximize performance and benefit your staff.


Good industrial maintenance allows us to keep equipment and facilities in service for as long as possible, seeking the highest availability, maximum performance and, therefore, the highest amortization thereof.


All companies have their own maintenance team, more or less prepared, with more or less personnel or with greater or lesser means, but the outsourcing of certain maintenance work on their machines to the ABL Group will undoubtedly bring a series of benefits:

  • The decrease in costs, optimization of corrective and preventive maintenance, decreases the consumption of spare parts and the expense of consumables, increasing availability and, therefore, production.

  • Disposition of assured experience, knowledge and technical means of maintenance engineering.

  • Flexibility in the management of human resources, avoiding problems of labor conflict with personnel, and with industrial maintenance companies that do not perform comprehensive services.

  • The consequence of results or their improvement.

From industrial construction maintenance that includes masonry, paints, exterior and interior carpentry, among other services , to the maintenance involved in installations such as air conditioning, plumbing, pressure equipment, ventilation... this is what the ABL Facility offers companies, always applying our motto of quality, speed and competitiveness.

  • Maintainer, category IM / RECI registered with Rasic 005006248

  • Low voltage, SPECIALIST category registered with Rasic 005006248

  • Gas, category EG-B registered with Rasic 005006248

  • Maintainer of industrial cold, category Level 2 registered with Rasic 005006248

  • Maintenance of technical installations in buildings, category INST / MANT registered with Rasic 005006248

  • Professional authorized water installer.