About us

Family company that was born in 2001 by its founder Xavier Abolafio. Its team is highly qualified and committed to the group's culture based on undertaking and sustainably innovating a commercial relationship with all its clients. Each project is adjusted to its particular needs and in current market conditions.

ABL Group is characterized by having experienced exponential growth in the last decade of crisis and with the growth of the group that has allowed it to attract new clients and open up to new markets.

We are not satisfied with reaching a high level of quality in the execution phase of a project, but we extend that level of demand to the entire useful life of our buildings, providing a high level of guarantees and services.

Energy efficiency and containment of operating costs by reducing the execution time of the work, are the fundamental elements in our proposals.

Casa ecologica

Our commitment to the environment is one of our main objectives and we execute all projects in a sustainable way taking into account the reduction of emissions and all the influencing factors.

Obreros de la construcción saludándose

More than 200 employees of our team are exposed daily to different projects to be able to carry out each of them in an agile and personalized way. Likewise, a good organization in ABL Group allows us to be agile in any project.


Our professionals have the ability to adapt to each of the projects presented, focusing on new strategies and ways of working depending on each client and project.

At the moment, our company has three branches although it is in the process of expansion in other Spanish provinces. We are in Barcelona, ​​with the main delegation being Madrid and Malaga.


We do not execute works,

we materialize dreams